Cruise Control

Autotronics are agents for Gold Cruise Control.

GoldCruise command modules offer all the convenience and functionality found on any aftermarket cruise control system and in some cases more. The different styles and designs of comand module give all the options necessary to fit cruise to 99% of road vehicles - whether they be a stalk on the steering column, dash or steering wheel mounted.

cgold cruisestalkgoldcruise

Cruise control sytems not only take the work out of driving thus reducing driver fatique, it could save you on fuel costs as well as points on your licence!!!

The completed installation gives a factory fitted look which will add value to your car.


Reversing Cameras

We offer a wide selection of reverse cameras to suit all situations, from heavy duty cameras for track machines and lorries to discreet number plate cameras. You can also have the options of sound, and night vision as well as a selection of monitors.

reverse camera


Reverse Sensors

Autotronics can supply and install reverse sensors to suit all cars. These sensors are colour coded to your vehicle's colour and fit flush to it's bumper those giving it a factory fitted finish.


Snooper 3ZERO - speed trap locator with GPS / Radar / Laser

As with all Snooper GPS locators, the 3ZERO uses the most advanced GPS technology possible to accurately alert you to the presence of all 'fixed' speed traps such as Gatso and Truvelo cameras as well as SPECs average speed cameras often found at motorway roadworks. For the first time however, Snooper has combined GPS and radar/laser technology in one portable device. 

New and improved radar/laser detection technology!

3ZERO has a couple of new tricks up it's sleeve. First of all it incorporates a highly sensitive laser detector designed to alert you to all types of mobile laser guns. Snooper's laser detection technology is more accurate than ever, giving longer detection ranges and more advanced pre-warning.

3ZERO also incorporates a highly sophisticated radar detector. Many speed traps such as Gatso cameras and handheld radar guns transmit a radar beam which determines how quickly you are travelling. 3ZERO can detect radar 'scatter' from these speed traps and provide advance warnings of their position. 

"Whereas a normal GPS speed camera locator can only tell you where a speed camera is, 3ZERO is smarter and can actually tell you whether that speed camera is 'live' or not!"

Typical detection range or mobile speed traps using radar/laser receiver-

Radar guns - up to 1 mile
Laser Guns - up to 1 mile

Detection range of 'fixed' speed traps using GPS

This can be set to your own personal requirements, anywhere from 200yds up to 1000yds. However 3ZERO also includes an 'AutoRange' feature which varies the detection range depending on the speed you are travelling. The faster you are going - the longer the detection distance. 

The most accurate GPS technology available combined with the most comprehensive speed camera database around!




Power Inverter

Power Inverters   12 Volts D.C  -  230 Volts A.C.
140 watt continuous,
250 watt peak power.
Plugs into cigarette lighter socket.
1500 watt continuous,
1800 watt for 20 minutes,
3000 watt peak power.
Highly efficient and extremely compact.

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